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Welcome to The O Line Mystery show, reboot

“- an original scripted work of audio fiction, fashioned after the classic radio serials.   Each week our characters battle for truth or justice or some other random pillar of jurisprudence.”

2008 Original OLM Podcast

In 2008, Billibatt Productions launched the podcast serial, The O Line Mysteries. This was before ‘podcasts’ had caught on as a popular media product; Apple had just launched the first iPhone; digital microphones cost 10 billion dollars each (Jk, but they were very expensive). But we persevered and were just a handful of people to publish a long form fiction podcast. (Shout out to the others and a hat tip to the science fiction gang who helped pave the way.) 46-half hour episodes later we called it quits and everyone moved on. But the show still existed in a dusty old hard drive in my garage. We are proud to relaunch the entire O Line Mysteries as a reboot. Enjoy and thanks again for listening.

The Comedy Mystery on the O-Line.

“Plopped down in the middle of the San Francisco Bay sits Ohlone Island, with its quiet streets, Victorian homes, and well behaved Palm Trees –  a positively idyllic setting  teeming with mystery.”

Lorna Tollison, a recent addition to the island from the East Coast, is a writer for the internet with A LOT of time on her hands.  Her unruly curiosity about Ohlone Island’s insular society and its locals pulls her into the absurd and seedy underbelly of this quaint island city.

Each week finds Lorna and her friends deep into a mystery that boils up into a smoldering confrontation pie with the local inhabitants.