Named for the commuter bus that runs along the island’s streets into San Francisco,  the O Line Mysteries are told by a charming group of local actors looking to get a laugh and to spin a good yarn. 

Comprised mainly of a rotating cast showing off their voice talents, the show provides weekly entertainment to commuters everywhere in the world.



The series picks up a year after Lorna and Sally traded coasts from Manhattan to San Francisco, which is about the time it took them to decompress from the hustling big city.  Now fully engaged by the charming island city, Lorna, who is in need of constant “input” from her surroundings to write her online content, finds herself in continuous hot water with the local detectives.

Named after the original island inhabitants, the Ohlone Tribe, the island is a chameleon of sorts.  The island was a farming community, a summer resort town, and a Navy base during WWII.  Like most small towns it has stories to tell, from both it’s past and present.  As Lorna gets to know her new home she stumbles on the mysteries, new and old.

Cast Recording

WHO’s WHO on Ohlone Island.

Lorna Tollison is an online content provider.  She writes articles for websites, webzines and blogs.

Sally Sucek, Lorna’s partner, is an attorney for the federal government.  However, a good part of her time is spent keeping Lorna out of harms way.

Detective Keeling, is one of the islands only three detectives and works in the “white collar” crime department.

Annie, Lorna’s best friend and general partner in crime.  She also works at home for a web marketing firm.

Tim, Annie’s husband, who is often out of town for business.  Tim works as a corporate trainer, “whatever that means.”

Roberta, a Iraq war veteran who now lives and works on Ohlone Island as a police officer.   She is also a member of Sally and Annie’s bookclub.

Mrs. Strangler, Annie’s next door neighbor who often lunches with Annie and fills her in on Ohlone’s gossip from the past and present.

Tessa Fry, Lorna’s long time family friend, who stepped in after Lorna’s mother died. A blind woman, Tessa let’s nothing escape her senses. She has a software company that reinvented the internet for the blind and has contracts with the government for voice recognition security software.

Season 2 Additions

Michael – Tim’s friend and FBI agent.

The Nurse – A former human rights volunteer who worked with Sally in Bosnia and is currently an agent.

Mr. Sucek – Sally’s father, a former secret agent.

Mrs. Sucek – Sally’s Mother also a former secret agent.

Diane -Annie and Lorna’s therapist, a PTSD specialist she helped out Roberta when she returned from the military.