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The O Line Mysteries The O Line Mysteries

In the series finale, Annie and Lorna resume their lives where they left off before Tim’s death and the satellite device fiasco but someone from their resent past has other plans for them.Reboot of 2008 (pre-digital age) O Line Mysteries Podcast Sitcom with 46 episodes from Billibatt Productions. #Comedy, #Mystery, #podcast, #women podcastsFor more information please go to https://olinemysteries.comBrought to you by Billibatt Prodcuctions (Arc of Joan, Her-man-ists) Become a member at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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Episode 1: Yardsale Museum

In the series opener Lorna is forever redecorating she and her partners home and meets up with her friend Annie, a fellow work at home writer.  Together they visit the sad little local museum that houses a Victorian chair she wants to use as a model for a chair she’d like for her home, but the chair is gone – possibly ruined by smoke from a fire in the museum. The two decide to visit a large flea market in San Jose to search for a  copy of the chair, only to find the actual chair which Lorna buys and brings home.  Determined to find out if the museum is defrauding the island taxpayers Lorna and Annie begin trailing the museum docents and tracking the former movements of the chair in question.   After being stonewalled by the senior citizen docents they take their case to local detectives in their first run in with “the law” and Detective Keeling.

Episode 2: Life Without Ice Cream 

Available: 3/22/22

Sally, Lorna’s partner, has a hankering for some homemade ice cream which can be found on the island’s Ice Creamery.  Upon paying for their creamy concoctions, Sally is accused of using counterfeit wherein Detective Keeling arrives to escort them from Ye Olde Ice Cream Shoppe and apologizes to the for the misunderstanding.  Keeling explains how there had been a rash of counterfeit activities on the island but the apology comes to late and from the wrong person for Lorna.  She vows to take down Ye Olde Ice Cream Shoppe single handedly and begins a campaign of ice cream alternatives and even sets up shop in front of Ye Olde’s during the local street fair.  While Lorna exacts her revenge, Sally makes up with the owners of Ye Olde’s and Detective Keeling lays out a trap for the counterfeiters during Lorna’s street fair revenge that could effect the outcome of her retaliation.

Episode 3: Your Garden Variety Murder 

Coming 3/24/22

Lorna and Sally enjoy their Sunday morning sitting in a second floor cafe above a garden center, “where the air is cleaner and sweeter.”  Sally sees another couple that she seems to always run into during her errands around the island.  Upon inviting them for coffee with them Sally discovers she has a kindred garden buddy in the husband who invites them to look at his garden.  While visiting her garden buddies plot of beans and tomatoes he is shot in front of her.  That’ s when she and Lorna meet another island detective, Detective Holloway, who could be the laziest man Lorna has ever met.   When Lorna brings over food to the widow, she is confronted by the truth of why Sally’s garden buddy was murdered.  But the real question is can she do the footwork for Detective Holloway to catch the killer.

Episode 4: The Office Park Rookie

Coming 3/29/22

In order to help a friend of a Annie’s, Lorna agrees to some temporary office work at the islands office park.  But having a work at home career has not prepared Lorna for the vast number of rules and the social order that accompanies “temporary status” in an office.  When Lorna begins asking seemingly innocent questions about the accounting practices she is given the persona non grata treatment from the help staff.  But when Lorna breaks the golden rule of leaving her tupperware at the office she enlists Annie’s help in getting it back under the cloak of darkness.  That’s when the two discover the real business at the office park and have to break a few rules of their own to dig their way out of the mess.

Episode 5: The Wig That Knew Too Much 

Coming 3/31/22

After Lorna hears the hate and fear rhetoric that is labeled as a news program on the islands cable access show she decides to find out more about the shows star producer.  When the producer appears to have no history, at least that she can find on the internet, she enlists Annie’s cyberstalking abilities and when that doesn’t work she and Annie turn to a local lovable gossip monger.  After they learn what they now believe to be the truth of the producers personal life and his history Lorna writes an article that is completely rejected by a mysterious man with federal credentials who tells the real truth about the man behind the rhetoric.

Episode 6:  Halloween Shuck and Jive

Coming 4/5/22

Annie hasn’t slept in two weeks.  She truly believes an Amy Winehouse ghost like figure is haunting her home.  Over lunch she divulges her haunting story to Lorna and convinces her to stay up late with her to witness the haunting.  That night Lorna witness the haunting herself, she doesn’t believe it, but she does see it and confirms Annie’s worst nightmare, that Amy Winehouse is haunting her.   The next day the two visit a “medium” and for a price are able to get the medium to perform a seance at the house that night.  Without finding out if the seance took or not Lorna gives Annie the bum rush out of the house to Sally and Lorna’s home in hopes of Annie getting some undisturbed sleep.  The next day Lorna meets up with a real estate agent who is showing her the new homes on the market when they pull up to an empty home on the same street that Annie lives on.  The agent tells her the story of the craftsman bungalow styled home and that it is very possible there was a murder in the 1920’s as the occupants went missing and were never heard from again.  Although she is delighted with the home she’s not sure whether or not to confirm Annie’s haunting or keep mum and get a good price on the home.

Episode 7:  Lorna’s Father 

Coming 4/7/22

Lorna’s father, Quill, flies in to see the new home she and Sally purchased, which is on the same street as Annie.  Initially delighted with their purchase he of course wants to do a few upgrades for his favorite “kids”.  When Quill goes digging under the house, he finds a mysterious lock box filled with coded messages.  After Lorna unlocks the coded messages, he takes Sally on a treasure hunt around the island looking for clues while Lorna heads to the local library to research the public records on the house and it’s previous occupants who went missing in the 1920’s.  When Quill steals another lock box from an old Post Office, Sally decides she’s had enough of his hyjinks and drags him back home where Lorna sits on the truth of the missing tenants.

Episode 8: Blackmail At The Gym 

Coming 4/12/22

Despite the inherent double digit germ factor and general disgust of belonging to a gym Lorna and Sally have a membership to the islands public gym.  After their pals Derek and Kevin go along on guest passes to their island gym with them they begin getting blackmail letters.  Unsure of any correlation to the gym visit and the blackmailing the group next visits a new gym opening up on the west side of the island only to find the same trainer from the old gym avoiding them.   When Lorna returns to her gym for a swim she overhears the trainers talking about the rash of blackmailing activities related to the gym she jumps from the water and into the fray.

Episode 9: The Rot Is Deep 

Coming 4/14/22

Detective Keeling isn’t exactly honest with Lorna.  Lorna isn’t exactly honest with Sally.  The California State Bureau of Investigations isn’t exactly honest with the Ohlone Island government.  But the “security” agency masquerading as a disaster response team is just flat out lying.  Lorna has put together the perfect earthquake survival kit and Sally, wanting to add to the kit, buys Lorna a short wave radio and a C.B.  When Lorna sneaks off to the deserted Naval base to play with the new electronics instead of putting them in the kits she gets her finger broken by a mystery security agent.  When she goes to Detective Keeling to report the  incident he sees his chance to use Lorna’s rabid curiosity to double cross the CBI and expose their waste of the islands resources.  But not before Sally gets involved and risks her job to help them both.

Episode 10: Sally’s Photo Club 

Coming 4/19/22

In an effort to be more supportive of Sally’s hobbies, Lorna agrees to accompany Sally on her photo clubs outing.  Then afterward, at the same time Sally is looking through her shots, Lorna listens to the news and learns about the outbreak of robberies on the island and Sally discovers a photo she has taken of the possible robbers in action.  When Lorna takes the photo’s to the police department she is blown off so she and Annie concoct another plan to catch the robbers in action.  After staking out would be perfect robbery sights Lorna and Annie figure they should keep their day jobs and leave it to the police.  But then they meet Roberta, an island cop, who becomes fast friends with the ladies and help them out on their final stakeout.

Episode 11:  Victorian Homes Tour

Coming 4/21/22

Cozy up to the fire, it’s our two part homage to Agatha Christie.   Our cozy murder who done it starts when Lorna and Annie volunteer to be guides for the island’s tour of homes in the historic victorian district of Ohlone Island.

Episode 12: Victorian Homes Tour  The conclusion. 

Coming 4/26/22

Annie has been drugged, Lorna has lost her cool…a few times, and Detective Keeling could lose his job if Detective Holloway the laziest detective in the west, has his way.  Oh, and there’s a murderer running loose on the island.

Episode 13: Robbed by numbers 

Coming 4/28/22

Lorna’s strategy to avoid joining the book club backfires when she drags Roberta  and Annie to a painting class at the local art gallery.   But the painting class turns out to be more competitive than they bargained for as they battle for a spot in the gallery showcase.  The class should be an outlet for them as they deal with a crashing economy and christmas around the corner, but when the class is robbed the added stress of surviving such an attack may be too much for their friendship.

Episode 14: Secret Santa 

Coming 5/3/22

Every Christmas Sally has to come up with a new way to trick Lorna into not opening her presents before it’s time. This year she enlists the help of Annie’s husband Tim to confuse and muddle Lorna’s “present tracking senses”.  As Annie tries to convince Lorna to relax and enjoy the holiday she too has become a pawn in Sally’s master plan.

Episode 15: The Book Club Scandal

Coming 5/5/22

Lorna gets caught up in burglary and grand theft when she reluctantly joins the local book club and a rare Jane Austen is stolen from the near bankrupt independent book store.

Episode 16: Trailer Park Tango

Coming 5/10/22

Lorna  and Sally visit Sally’s grandmother in a desert retirement village and find the community in a dither about home break in’s happening during their planned activities.  With the thief in her sites, Lorna sets out to  convince a young man caring for his grandfather to seek help from his elders.

Episode 17:  East Bay Whine 

Coming 5/12/22

Annie gets her first solo marketing campaign with an east bay winery, but she gets more than she bargained for when she begins to suspect someone in the company is trying to set her up as the patsy for their failing wine distribution.  But turning to Lorna to help her track the real culprit proves insufficient as Lorna is in bed and medicated for her painful back spasms while fending off a home health worker who is trying to give her “spit baths”.  

Episode 18:  Lorna vs. the interviewer 

Coming 5/17/22

After Lorna publishes her self help book she wrote while on painkillers for her back spasms she begins the long journey into marketing with her first stop on a local talk radio show with a host who tries to get her to cut him in on a marketing “deal”.

Episode 19:  Three Blind Mice

Coming 5/19/22

Lorna’s unofficial god-mother, Tessa, is coming to town with a bag of tricks that is going to blow the lid off of how the internet is accessed.  But the big question is can Tessa keep the lid on until her product is complete or will she fall prey to corporate espionage.

Episode 20:  The Murdered Banker 

Coming 5/24/22

During a kayaking trip around the estuary Lorna finds an “old salt” long thought to be a drowned banker done in by his wife.  But how can Annie and Lorna prove his existence and free his incarcerated wife when the D.A. has the case on lock down?

Episode 21:   Dental Damned

Coming 5/26/22

When Sally finally has her long needed dental work done, Lorna mistakenly drives away with a forbidden bulk of restricted painkillers.  It takes all of Annie’s moral strength to keep Lorna from using them as her retirement fund.  With a frothing band of teenagers and a gang on their trail Annie and Lorna finally resolve to return the narcotics to their rightful owner. 

Episode 22:  Recycled Fraud 

Coming 5/31/22

All of Ohlone Island is chipping in and volunteering to keep the islands resources afloat.  But as Sally volunteers at the library, Annie and Lorna volunteer for the beach clean-up only to discover it’s being used as a waste disposal front.

Episode 23:  Body Parts Bingo

Coming 6/2/22

Body parts keep floating through the Bay estuary and despite the obvious reasons why a person wouldn’t go looking for the rest of the bodies Lorna and Annie just can’t help themselves.  With the help of an island journalist, Lorna and Annie learn the gruesome truth of human trafficking.

Episode 24: Black Widow 

Coming 6/7/22

Lorna’s dad, Quill, is back in town and he’s lookin’ for some lovin’.  But not so fast, Sally is uneasy with his choice of lady friends and sets out to find Quill a “nice lady”, despite Lorna’s even tempered reservations.  But when it looks like Quill is about to make a mistake of a lifetime Sally puts her relationship with her partner and father in law on the line.

Episode 25: Truth will out. Part I. 

Coming 6/9/22

As Annie and Tim’s divorce becomes more of a reality Lorna tries to help Annie out by taking her out to blow off some steam at Trivia night in the local pub.  After a fun night of escape for the ladies they return home to a shocking and unthinkable reality that unravels the lives of these two friends.

Episode 26: Truth will out. Part II. 

Coming 6/14/22

In the season finale, the ladies of the O Line Mysteries learn first hand how the events in our lives shape and twist us.